Vidya Niketan means Home of Knowledge. It expresses the same quality of affection towards the students as would be evident in any home towards the children. The desire to introduce a ?student oriented? and ?parent friendly? school was always felt in the city of Dombivli. Moreover, with change in social, economic & cultural conditions in our society, there was always a need of a school which will provide the physical, psychological & intellectual training to the students and help them, guide them to become responsible and patriotic Indians. The only way to put these thoughts in practice was to launch a school which will impart relevant, contemporary education with the help of competent & dedicated teachers and modern teaching techniques. ... Read more

Happy Birthday!!!

  • AARIAN PARAB - From : Jr. KG , Div: Chilaya.
  • AARVI GALA - From : Sr. KG , Div: Chilaya.
  • DIVYA GOGATE - From : 3rd , Div: Chilaya.
  • GAUREE RAUT - From : 5th , Div: Chilaya.
  • GAURANG JOSHI - From : 6th , Div: Aruni.
  • URVISH PARAB - From : 8th , Div: Bharat.
  • AVANTIKA NARADEKAR - From : 8th , Div: Dhruva.
  • DHRUVI CHHEDA - From : 9th , Div: Dhruva.
  • OMKAR CHANDORKAR - From : 9th , Div: Bharat.
  • AKSHATA BHAVSAR - From : 10th , Div: Bharat.

Principal's Desk

The governing body is Rajendra Shikshan Sanstha, Mumbai a public charitable trust. Many individuals have contributed to the making of this school. The Logo is designed by Mr. Sudhakar Naik, a well known artist and a friend. This guiding shloka means ?May all good things in this universe help us acquiring knowledge which will help us to win the fight against evils in the society.
-- Principal's Name

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President's Desk

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-- President's Name

Notice Board

  • Holiday for Makar Sankranti - Happy Makar Sankranti To All Students.
  • International Evening on 14th february 2015
  • Holiday for Makar Sankranti - Happy Makar Sankranti To All Students.
  • SSC Result 2015 will be available at following link from 1 PM of 8th May 2015.
  • Holiday for Makar Sankranti - Happy Makar Sankranti To All Students.