आ नो भद्राः ऋतवो यन्तु विश्वतः - ऋग्वेद १.८९.१

Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions which will help us to win the fight against evils in the society - (Rig_Veda 1.89.1)

About School

Vidya Niketan means Home of Knowledge.

It expresses the same quality of affection towards the students as would be evident in any home towards the children.

The desire to introduce a ‘student oriented’ and ‘parent friendly’ school was always felt in the city of Dombivli. Moreover, with change in social, economic & cultural conditions in our society, there was always a need of a school which will provide the physical, psychological & intellectual training to the students and help them, guide them to become responsible and patriotic Indians. The only way to put these thoughts in practice was to launch a school which will impart relevant, contemporary education with the help of competent & dedicated teachers and modern teaching techniques.


The governing body is Rajendra Shikshan Sanstha, Mumbai a public charitable trust. Many individuals have contributed to the making of this school. The Logo is designed by Mr. Sudhakar Naik, a well known artist and a friend.

Digital Classrooms


The school provides good infrastructure and excellent facilities to students.

School Bus Service

With the help of 12 school buses, we clock more than 700 kms on a routine day covering more than 100 bus points (Dombivali-Kalyan).
These buses are used only for our students and are never engaged in any commercial activity.

Educational Outings

Conducted every alternate year and all the expenses are borne by the school (Free Facility).
The outings are to such places where normally their parents don’t take them.

Computer Education

Our computer division has well equipped 27 machines connected in network.
We have dedicated team of 10 qualified and trained instructors.


Our laboratory is well equipped and well stocked. All the students [from std 1st] are exposed to the ‘practical’ working of the laboratory. From std 8th the students perform individual practicals.

Reading Room

Reading Room is available for all the students. The library has books for all standard-wise groups.
Apart from the Reading Room, we also have separate Reference Library for teachers and also computer related books & magazines.

Safety & Medical Assistance

When a student boards the bus, the school is responsibile for his/her safety.
Our transport staff is properly trained to handle emergencies. All the buses are provided with ‘First Aid Kit’. The school is equipped with reliable ‘fire fighting system’.
Security personnel are deployed along the playground area to monitor the students during the recess. Entry to the school is strictly restricted to bonafide parents and non-parents are not allowed.

Android & iPhone Apps

Student updates and alerts on smartphone

Events & Activities

Independence Day
Independence Day
Raksha Bandhan with trees
Dahi Handi
Hobby Day
Hobby Day
Teachers Day
Teachers Day
Aaji Ajoba Sammelan
Aaji Ajoba Sammelan

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Vidya Niketan Marg, Manpada Village, Dombivli East

Phone: 7045792501 / 7045792502

Email: vidya.niketan.school@gmail.com

Timing (Visits by prior appointment only) :

Monday to Thursday: 7 pm to 8 pm